A Journey to Discover the Rules of Change



Milano Retail Tour is an exclusive unconventional training format for companies that want to understand and recognize the transformations in the retail world and the consumer behaviour to redesign their Customer Experience Management.



Milano Retail Tour’s training approach is based on a dual outdoor and indoor setting, in which a first-hand observation exercise, into the field, is followed by a workshop session. Milano Retail Tour uses a training approach known as Research Based Learning, which is derived from the well known Learning by Doing system.

Every participant of the tour becomes Ethnographer for a day because of participating observation that leads to the immersion into the visited locations while sharing this experience with each other. The incentives, obtained during the Tour, nourish their lateral thinking and creativity. The goal is to stimulate creative potential that could be used for the business of the companies they work for.



Milano Retail Tour’s offer can be declined as:

training module

team building

business convention


Acquiring new knowledge

Integrate your company knowledge of contemporary retail business through an immersion in real life.

Notable results

Translate new knowledge into ideas to be used in your business (your brand, your product, your stores).

Team building

Associate an effective and fun team building activity to the learning experience.